Finding Opportunity When Faced With Adversity

  • By Reveille Group
  • 12 Jul, 2017

Author: Matthew White
Physical Activity – Renewed Purpose

As Veterans, active duty service members, spouses, family members, donors, and industry business leaders arrived at the prestigious Plaza Hotel in New York City, for the Honoring America’s Wounded Warfighters Gala, it was hard not to be drawn to the bright lights and skyscrapers of New York City. I attended this same event a few years prior, and at that time, I had no clue how participating in sports again would positively impact my life and future.

As I sat there waiting for the event to start, I reflected back on my younger years. I quickly realized that some of my biggest moments and life accomplishments have revolved around sports. When I was thirteen years-old, I remember hitting my first grand-slam in baseball. Around that same age, I hit the game-winning shot in middle school basketball, advancing our team to the championship game. And in high school, I remember making that crucial tackle in the football game to stop our opponent from scoring the game winning touchdown. Sports, and the impact that they’ve had on my life, will always be something to remember.

While in recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., I was barely able to walk a few feet on my own and spent most of my days participating in physical therapy. Being faced with this new obstacle, I started to feel a funk coming on. It got the point where I really didn’t want to leave my room, let alone attempt to participate in physical activity. I needed a change. I needed something to re-energize myself again. And just like that, I was almost instinctively drawn back to sports for that spark. I knew that being able to participate in sports again would be one of my biggest keys to a successful recovery, now I just needed to prepare myself for the long journey ahead.

From Small Steps to Shredding Slopes

Amidst my road to recovery, I was introduced to Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA) and their Warfighter Sports Program. The mission of Warfighter Sports is simple;  to   provide adaptive sports to severely wounded Service members and Veterans.  My first event with DSUSA was at their Hartford Ski Spectacular in December of 2010. They paired me with an adaptive snowboarding instructor and attempted to teach me how to snowboard. By the end of the week, after several falls and face-plants, I was able to successfully ride down the mountain and enjoy myself. This was the first time since my injury that I felt independent, confident, and empowered again.

Successfully being able to snowboard finally gave me the confidence that I was so desperately lacking. The confidence that I gained from that trip allowed me to able to challenge myself again. Since then, I’ve participated in several adaptive sports programs offered through DSUSA‘s Warfighter Sports Program and their partners. Sports are fun, there’s no denying that, but the impact from sports goes much further than just being “fun”. Like being in the military, participating in sports encourages comradery, requires teamwork, demands focus, instills confidence, reinforces discipline, and develops self-pride and one’s awareness. It’s safe to say that sports fueled my recovery and ultimately helped me find myself and my purpose again.  

Author: Wayne Waldon  
Physical Activity – Foundation for Fulfillment

I too had the opportunity to attend the Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA) Gala with my good friend Matthew, and it was an amazing experience. Before going further I wanted to thank once again all of the Sponsors who provide DSUSA the means to have transformative impacts for not only our nations Veterans but  all  those that participate in disabled sports.

Sports gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my dreams and provided a support mechanism through the relationships formed during these endeavors.  

Why should any of this matter to you or anyone taking the time to read this article? It is my hope that you will find that “spark” that makes your life more fulfilling, enjoyable, and healthier. Balancing the unique obligations/commitments that we all face; family, work, school, etc., it’s important to make time for whatever physical activity/pursuit brings you happiness.  

Making an effort to include activity in your routine will provide benefits in every other aspect of your life. If you’re already doing this, wonderful. If not, I would recommend spending some time to figure out what the best fit is for you, and to start making incremental changes to incorporate this activity into you routine moving forward.

Stay committed, and you will be amazed looking back at where this will take you.

Other News
By Reveille Group 04 Dec, 2017

Author: Selah Rhodes & Wayne Waldon

Reveille Group is proud to be participating in Wreaths Across America again this year. Each December, on National Wreaths Across America Day, thousands of volunteers spend a few hours of their day placing wreaths on the graves of our nation’s fallen heroes.

What started in 1992 as a personal act of kindness, has grown to be a nationally recognized organization dedicated to honoring our country's fallen heroes. Wreaths Across America has laid over 700,000 memorial wreaths at over 1,000 locations across the United States; bringing together volunteers, veterans, and hundreds of organizations to:

 1. Remember  - our nations fallen U.S veterans,

 2. Honor  - those who serve,

 3. And Teach  - the next generation the value of freedom.

Please consider contributing to our donations page , so that every fallen veteran can be honored this holiday season. Just $15 will sponsor 1 wreath for a child, a parent, a neighbor, or a friend who you’d like to honor and remember.

Thank you for all that have already contributed to our campaign. With your help, we have already raised close to 50% of our target funds.

Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season,

Selah & Wayne

By Reveille Group 24 Oct, 2017

Author: Leigh Anne Arnold

When was the last time you felt overwhelmed while at the office? If stress dominates your every work day, you’re certainly not alone. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), over 65% of Americans list work as their top source of stress, and over one-third report experience workplace stress for a prolonged period of time

Workplace stress continues to rise each year and with it, so does the rate of absenteeism. How bad is it? According to The American Institute of Stress

  • An estimated one million workers are absent every day due to stress. 
  • And job stress is estimated to cost the US $300 billion annually due to accidents, diminished productivity, and employee turnover. 

As a full-time professional, you spend a minimum of 40 hours a week focused on your work, or nearly 2,000 hours a year. Such an extensive amount of time spent on work, in addition to all of life’s demands and stressors, can take an incredible toll on your mental health and ability to perform, reinforcing the importance of demonstrating emotional intelligence (or EQ) to reduce stress and gain perspective. 

What does EQ mean and how does it affect our professional life? At its core, EQ refers to your capacity to recognize, understand, and manage you own emotions, in addition to your capacity to recognize, understand, and influence the emotions of others. If you boil this definition down a bit further, it refers to each individual’s mindfulness and self-awareness

With workplace stress continuously on the rise, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that employers are starting to value EQ over IQ. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report , emotional intelligence is expected to become one of the top 10 job skills by 2020. Wondering why employers have started to place such an emphasis on emotional intelligence when making hiring decisions? 

Eight Reasons Why Employers Seek Candidates with High EQ 

1. They Can Handle Pressure. They tend to have better coping mechanisms and healthy support systems in place to handle higher levels of stress. 

2. They Appreciate and Collaborate with Others. They understand the importance of teamwork, and have well-developed people skills that help them in building relationships. 

3. They Listen. They pick up on people’s emotions through tone and body language. 

4. They Take Feedback. They tend to be less defensive and more open to feedback, especially when it involves areas for improvement. 

5. They Are Empathetic. They build trust and cohesiveness among team members. 

6. They Set Good Examples. They don’t get easily flustered when things don’t go according to plan. 

7. They Make Careful and Comprehensive Decisions. They leverage their mindfulness to make better judgements about how their decisions will impact others. 

8. They Have Found Their WorkFLOW. They utilize their awareness to become fully immersed and focused, aiming to tackle one problem or task at a time. 

By Reveille Group 12 Jul, 2017

Author: Matthew White
Physical Activity – Renewed Purpose

As Veterans, active duty service members, spouses, family members, donors, and industry business leaders arrived at the prestigious Plaza Hotel in New York City, for the Honoring America’s Wounded Warfighters Gala, it was hard not to be drawn to the bright lights and skyscrapers of New York City. I attended this same event a few years prior, and at that time, I had no clue how participating in sports again would positively impact my life and future.

By Reveille Group 20 Jun, 2017

Authors: Selah Rhodes & Wayne Waldon

Reveille is proud to announce the recent award of our General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Services Schedule (PSS) as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business and HUBZone business. PSS provides existing and prospective Reveille government partners with a valuable platform for the procurement of our comprehensive and strategic management consulting services. Reveille’s work aligns perfectly with this contract vehicle, and we are thrilled to be able to offer our services below to federal clients:

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Integrated Consulting
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Business Process Improvement
  • and more!

Through PSS, Reveille now offers streamlined access, pre-negotiated discounts, and an enhanced and time-saving process to access our firm’s core capabilities. For more information, please contact us at .

All the best,

Selah and Wayne

By Reveille Group 06 Apr, 2017

Author: Wayne Waldon

Have you ever taken a step back to look at how the chapters of your life have unfolded to-date?  I recently had the privilege of being a guest at The Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Fund Annual Gala. While at this wonderful evening, in support of an amazing organization, I found myself reflecting on previous chapters in my life: my time in the military, my injury, and ultimately, my recovery. As I journeyed down memory lane, I was once again reminded of my good fortune, and sometimes that when life throws you a curveball (baseball is starting up again and seemed like an appropriate metaphor), you need to take a step back and focus on the things you can control.  

Curveball Context. 

I once had the greatest job in the world, serving in the U.S. Army Infantry. But in 2007, I was injured by an IED and was sent to Walter Reed, to go through treatment and subsequent recovery. As I went through Occupational Therapy, I couldn’t help but wonder:

  • What am I going to do once I’m out of the Army?
  • Where am I going to live?
  • Do I go back to school, or should I go back to work?
  • What’s my life going to be like post-injury?

As luck would have it, I was soon introduced to Mike Conklin, the CEO of Sentinels of Freedom, whose mission is to assist severely wounded and injured post-9/11 veterans, by providing tailored support that helps them transition back into civilian life. As I spoke with Mike, my future, that once seemed so unsure to me, began to look far more manageable.

A New Mission. 

Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Recipients in attendance during the 2017 Annual Gala. Pictured (L-R) are Venol Raymond (Army veteran), Jason Church (Army veteran), Wayne Waldon (Army veteran), Paul Nawrath (Marine Corps veteran), and Michael Thompson (Navy veteran).

For the support that I received from the Sentinels of Freedom and their advocates, I will eternally be grateful. The impact they’ve had on my life, and the 292 veterans that they’ve helped to date, cannot be overstated. Since exiting from the Army in December of 2009, and receiving my MBA from Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business (while working full time for General Dynamics IT), I was constantly reminded that all of us struggle and that sacrifices must be made. Ultimately, it was the knowledge and skills gained through these life experiences that gave me the confidence to take the next step in my professional career.

In 2014, I decided to take a leap of faith with a colleague and friend, Selah Rhodes. We decided that with a passion for developing solutions and a vision of creating something bigger than ourselves, we’d start a business, which is now known as Reveille Group. Together we continue to look forward to each day that we spend growing our organization, one that fosters the same type of comradery and culture that make for high-performing teams in our nation’s military. An organization that leads to genuine relationships with our clients, as we work with them in achieving their goals.

Lessons Learned. 

Here are four valuable lessons from my recovery and transition back into civilian life that have taught me how to succeed in business.

1. It takes a team.  The Army is all about service leadership. But what does that actually mean? To put it simply, even though you may be in a position of “authority”, your responsibility is to those you have been entrusted with leading. From this perspective, you quickly realize that individual accomplishments pale in comparison to team achievements.

2. Be present.  Live in the moment. As cliché as it sounds, I now realize how much stress and frustration were a result of not being mindful of this. Having clarity of purpose, or in other words, being fully engaged is essential to even routine, daily activities, because committing your attention to the task at hand will lead to enhanced results.

3. Assess the situation.  Before making any major decision, have a clear understanding of the current situation and potential outcomes. Conduct your due diligence, ask the right questions, and understand the complexities of the situation. This process can take minutes, days, or even months; and though we’re often driven to “quickly fix” the problem, exercising discipline/patience on the front end will result in a superior outcome down the road.

4. Take (calculated) chances.  Perhaps my own personal viewpoint, but life is more fun if (and when) you do. I’m fortunate to be here today and my experiences to-date have only reinforced my belief that one of the most egregious disservices one can give themselves is living with the “what if…” or “I wish …”. Whatever the outcome, have the courage to pursue something and learn from the experience.

Taking One Step Back to Take Two Forward. 

As I take a step back to reflect on the progress we’ve made to date, I’m excited for what the future holds for Reveille Group and look forward to facing the challenges (and curveballs) that may lie ahead for us. I look forward to bringing everything full circle as I begin another life transition - from Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship recipient to one day serving as a contributor and continued supporter.

In closing – eternal thanks always to the men I served with overseas and love to my family.

I continue to be excited about my “new” family, Reveille Group, and where this next inning will take us.

Wishing all the best of fortune,


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