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Maria - Stakeholder Engagement

Maria is an experienced project manager with a reputation of achieving client driven results, particularly in the fields of stakeholder engagement and event planning. Maria has developed a diverse portfolio within the areas of event management and public affairs, leading projects across the country and internationally. While pursuing her passions of strategic planning and marketing, she has successfully supported several veterans’ non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, and a presidential campaign. Through this experience, she has mastered budget management, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement. Maria’s unique set of skills has effectively helped clients develop modern, targeted, and efficient programs where supreme quality drives every detail. 

Career Highlight(s): Before Maria started as a federal consultant, she led multi-day summits at military bases with Hiring Our Heroes, an initiative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation in partnership with federal agencies, helping over 30,000 service members find meaningful employment in their civilian careers. In the political field, Maria organized a series of 14 Get Out The Vote concerts, working with national and state parties and artists such as Jon Bon Jovi and John Legend. Maria also served as lead on creation and production of all signage and printed materials for Hillary Clinton’s election night in 2016.

Degree(s): Bachelor of Art, International Studies; Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of Missouri

Fun Fact(s): In her free time, Maria can be found reading any zombie novel she can get her hands on.  
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